Jekyll & Hyde - July 11 - July 14, 2019

Wilde Theatre Company

 End Notes 

Welcome to the Wilde Theatre Company! 

Wilde Theatre is a professional theatre company focused on creating innovative ensemble-based theatre in the Tampa Bay Area. We are a company of theatre artists and performers who are (re)creating beautiful stories that reveal human nature- unconstrained- (so that the future can be). Our passion is people and the stories we weave. We work with professional actors and creative artists from across the country as well as local and regional artists to create exciting and thought-provoking theater. Wilde Theatre wants to engage and challenge our audiences, leaving them transformed, inspired and renewed. Follow us on social media or visit us on the web for exciting season announcements, a new works inititave, touring shows, ensemble-based theatre workshops, and much more! 


From the Artistic Director:

We are here...and so are you! Thank you for taking this first step with us on what we hope will be a very long and fulfilling journey as artists and storytellers. Theatre is about bringing people together for a shared, and sometimes life-altering experience. Our aim is to make theatre memorable. I always know that if I am still thinking about a show hours, days, even weeks after seeing it, that I have witnessed something very special. We hope to provide those moments as regularly as our audience wishes to partake. 


Working on this inaugural production of Jekyll and Hyde has been a rewarding and eye-opening experience. There is something equal-parts thrilling and terrifying about stepping off that ledge into a new adventure. We set out as an ensemble to tell this classic tale in a fresh and perhaps unexpected way. It's less of a story about a monster, and much more about mental health --something we still struggle as a society to embrace, too frequently resulting in horrific consequences. Our hero is a man trying to use his skills to help better humanity, with only himself as a test subject. It's a cautionary tale against the fear of change, and, I'm sorry to say, a tragic one at that. 


I know Jekyll & Hyde is a favorite musical for many, with the haunting and memorable score and well-known anti-hero. We hope that this production allows you to see the story with fresh eyes, and lingering thoughts.


Thank you for being part of our journey and getting WILDE with us! 


We'd love to hear from you! Visit us at! 




Lindsay M. Warfield

Artistic Director, Wilde Theatre Company


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