The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - May 16 - May 19, 2019

Woodlake Unified High School


Cast Members (in order of appearance)  
Rona Lisa Peretti  
Idzel Ornelas-Solorio  
Chip Tolentino  
Adam Sahagun  
Logainne Schwartzandgrunenierre (Schwartzy)  
Robertina Frisius  
Leaf Coneybear  
Brooklyn Ponce  
William Barfée  
Alexis Campos  
Marcy Park  
Isabella Torres  
Olive Ostrovsky  
Andrea Mendoza  
Mitchel M. Mahoney  
Viviana Orozco  
Douglas Panch  
Richard McCue  
Carl Dad/Audience Speller  
Alexis Morales  
Technical Crew  
Stage Manager  
Lupita Jimenez  
Costume Lead  
Emily Ponce  
Makeup Lead  
Makayla Montelongo  
Assistant Makeup Lead  
Caitlynn Taylor  
Light Tech  
Antonio Diaz  
Sound Tech  
Rosendo Medina  
Props Master  
Karina Espinoza  
Stage Crew  
Back Stage Crew  
Sandra Murrietta, Anabel Cortez, Lizzy Summers, Aaron Moraido, Katalyna Gonzalez
Front of House  
Front of House  
Osvaldo Rivera, Liseth Cano-Hernandez, Lizzie Garcia, Abby Ortiz, Sean Kerwin

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