Matilda - October 10 - October 27, 2019

Young Actors' Theatre


MATILDA the Musical presents rather dark themes, at the forefront is bullying. Although the bullies in this musical are primarily adults, bullying in general is a huge issue today and it can be a challenge to ensure that students understand how serious of an issue it is. We want to encourage and empower everyone to work together to change this.

In the story of Matilda school is a terrifying place—a place where adults like the Trunchbull can abuse students both physically and mentally, hurling them out windows, grabbing them by their ears, and screaming insults at them regularly. Even eating cake becomes a punishment at Crunchem Hall Primary. But, because of caring and dedicated teachers like Miss Honey, and amazing friends like Lavender, school can also be a place of light and hope.

Being a kid is exciting. There is potential for magic and wonder everywhere you look. There is potential for danger as well. In Matilda the grown-ups don't take the children seriously. Kids are even made fun of for reading and being smart. Big bullies like the Trunchbull can throw kids around by their hair and lock them up in Chokey.

However, what is amazing about Matilda is that she always stands up for herself and others. Against all odds. She has a kind of strength she herself isn’t even truly aware of. This show praises moral courage and intellectual aptitude over physical and emotional manipulation and abuse.

The story of Matilda also challenges our understanding of family and home as always being an honest, loving, and safe environment. The families in our story are downright dreadful. Together Matilda and Miss Honey forge a new family built on respect and love.

The characters in Matilda are trapped by their unfortunate situations, but they soon discover that the key to their freedom and happiness lies within themselves. Matilda herself discovers at a very young age that all you need is your imagination and a good book, and you can transport yourself anywhere you desire.

My hope for our audience is that in seeing this show and discussing it, kids and teens alike will be inspired to follow their hearts and stand up for themselves and others in a healthy way if they are ever to experience or witness bullying.

I also want to assure anyone watching this show that it is perfectly fine and even encouraged to be different and that no one should be ridiculed or abused because of who they are. Everyone has a right to live a bully-free life!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who had a role in making this a show a reality. It was a big undertaking and you are ALL appreciated for your unique and individual talents.

Now go out there and show the world how you can live a dynamic full life using knowledge and kindness.



Chrissy Burns

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