Little Shop of Horrors - February 16 - February 25, 2024

Young Actors' Theatre

 A Note From The Director 

I love starting off the new year with a fun project. We all make resolutions to make improvements in our lives and I love the fact that a man-eating plant can be a part of our new year! :-)

One of the best things about live theatre is how the project we are working on can be relatable to our own lives. Who doesn't relate to the goofy guy who idolizes the girl who seems to be out of his league? Who doesn't relate to the guy who will do anything to win her over?  Especially when his strange and exotic plant tells him what to do?
When we first started this project, it was a little touchy, because while it takes place in the 60's we are a completely different society in the 2020's. We are post the Me Too movement and therefore we are socially aware of so many more things that are seemingly so uncomfortable by today's standards. Yet those issues are what drive so much of this story.  
It has been fun to explore this project and present these issues with my incredible artistic team. Our Music Director, Kim really connects with the actors of this cast, giving them the freedom to explore their own talents. Our Choreographer, Anthony uses his vast expertise and experience to really convey the "campy"ness of the story. And of course, our incredibly dedicated Stage Manager and Assistant Director, Astrid is the glue that holds all of us together. Our costumers, led by Erica, and her team, have kept us true to the era. Our sets designer, Kevin has been a delight to work with as he follows my thoughts for the set. And our wonderful Audrey II (the Plant) designer, Nick, has been keeping me updated on the progress as he builds it from scratch (this is usually a rented item). Lastly, our tech team are also cast members (Miles and Maxine) who are doing double duty on this show!! And a thank you to Audrey, one of our YAcTors, who stepped in to run sound as well. 
I would like to extend a giant thank you to the Board of Directors for their ongoing support of the Arts for the members of this community and of course, our amazing Executive Director, Kristina, who has a very busy company to run, which she does effortlessly. We are eternally grateful to you!!
Remember, Don't Feed the Plants!
Jean Isaac
Young Actors' Theatre Founder and Little Shop of Horrors Director

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