Newsies - August 09 - August 11, 2019

marquee youth stage

  Directors Note  

On April 10th, 1992 Disney released a film that didn’t fall into the animation category like the many others that shared the same release year. This film showcased a very real struggle from the very real events that took place in 1899, New York City— this event was indeed the catastrophic Newsboy Strike. Disney needed to find a way to tell a story that didn’t rely on their recurring abilities to animate and sugar coat, but more so to highlight a level of pride and defiance burning deep within these young men that was true to their tale. You may ask, how did they do it? Well, by adding copious amounts of high caliber dancing and beautiful music, of course! The dancing being a constant symbol of their strength and athleticism, while the music and lyrics speak the words of their constant fight for justice— alas Disney’s Newsies was born. After gaining a most definite cult following from the film, it later transformed into a stunning Broadway show that would go on to win Tony Awards for “Best Original Score” and “Best Original Choreography”. The musical featured a few additions that the film didn’t have but for an adaptation it hugged the original pretty close, and for the obvious reason that the material was already structured beautifully. 
When asked to take on Disney’s Newsies, I was scared, nervous, and simply wanted to do it right. We decided to extend our company and allow professional actors to help tell this extremely difficult story while working in tandem with the youthful talent of our future. The artistic team and I prided ourselves on bringing the utmost level of professionalism to the stage, and you are about to witness just that. 
To my team, who have believed in me every step of the way, thank you for understanding my vision, and thank you for the many long nights of constant collaboration— it simply wouldn’t be possible without you all. 
To my cast, it’s here, and it’s time to tell YOUR story. 
Thank you, and enjoy!
Fran Mitchell and Heather Schoenherr for their constant creativity in bringing these costumes to life! 
Dan Wilson for not ONLY playing our amazing Pulitzer but for also bringing my scenic design to life! I truly cannot thank you enough! 
Marc Beth and Mitch Kedzior for assisting in creating additional projections when I needed to take a breather! I am very grateful for you both. 
Melanie for your expertise on all hair and makeup ideas! You're truly a star! Thank you, my friend! 
Alexis Gruber for your level of artistry in creating Jack's beautiful sketch of Katherine. Thank you, my lovely friend! 
Smooch Medina for not getting mad at me too much for lighting and copious amounts of buttons ;) thank you, friend! 

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