Seussical TYA - February 07 - February 09, 2020

Bowditch Middle School

     Director Squad   

Krystal Burndon (Director)

What a fun second main-stage show with Bowditch! She studied dramatic art at UCSB and has worked with students in youth theater and teaching for many years. Thanks to the director squad, students, and families for their creativity and hard work.


David Song (Music Director)

David is excited to be part of his fifth musical production with Bowditch. He studied music at Cal State Hayward and worked with music educators in the music industry before coming to Bowditch. Thank you to the director squad, the students, and their families.


Cassandra Finninger (Dance Director)

Cassie Finninger has enjoyed participating in musicals from elementary school to college at Texas State University. She was on a nationally award-winning dance team in high school, and still takes classes now for fun. She is very proud of her director squad and all the students in this production!


Ellie Launer (Technical Director)

Ellie wants to thank the rest of the director squad and the wonderful tech team for their tireless support and work!  She comes to the ELA Bowditch team after studying theater design/production at UCLA and producing benefit concerts and events for a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles.


Stephanie Field (Assistant Director)

Ms. Field has enjoyed assisting in Bowditch Productions since her first year working at Bowditch in 2014-2015. She acted in musicals when she was in middle school, and musicals have always held a special place in her heart. She would like to thank all of the Bowditch community for their constant support and help to make this musical happen, especially her fellow directors in the director squad.



Ellie Launer, David Song, Cassie Finninger, Krystal Burndon, Stephanie Field

Emily Ishikawa, Sarah Grover, Sophia Chu

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