Seussical TYA - February 07 - February 09, 2020

Bowditch Middle School


A Note from the Director


Oh, the thinks we can think! My favorite thing about Seussical is how it celebrates imagination and creativity. 


In the story, The Cat in the Hat introduces a curious boy, Jojo, to a zany, colorful, and imaginative world where kangaroos have sass and monkeys rule the jungle, a shy bird falls for an awkward elephant, and microscopic people live on a planet the size of a dust speck. We have big characters who deal with real issues like fitting in, bullying and standing up for others, how to raise a child and how not to, the power and limits of positive thinking, the importance of imagination and community, and how a big heart is both dangerous and the most important thing. 


We have been challenged to stretch our imaginations and creativity. The students in the cast and crew have put so many hours into designing the world and painting set pieces and making clovers and snowflakes and colorful tutus and learning lines and practicing dances and creating the programs. The students are involved in just about every part of the process, and they are rocking it. I’m continually impressed by their work and enthusiasm and creativity. 


The family volunteers have been so generous with their talents and time as well, with many putting well over 40 hours of creative work into this show. It has been a wonderful, imaginative collaboration.


At our last company meeting, I asked the cast and crew what they hope the audience will take away from our performance. They hope you “feel happy, excited, entertained, amused, impressed, and learn the importance of imagination and creating.” 


Krystal Burndon



A Note from the Principal


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Bowditch’s musical for the 2020 school year, Seussical the Musical!  This production is an amazing collaboration between our student actors and crew, parent volunteers, and teacher-leaders. The students have been involved in every aspect of this production, from acting, singing and dancing, to set design, building, painting, and costuming.  They have given their precious after school hours to rehearsals, and have spent weekends working on the sets and costumes. I want to express my gratitude to Director - Krystal Burndon (Drama teacher), Assistant Director - Stephanie Field (Math teacher), Choreographer - Cassandra Finninger (Language Arts teacher), Music Director - David Song (Music teacher), and Tech director - Ellie Launer (Language Arts teacher).  Our school is so fortunate to have these very talented people on our staff, who are willing to give their time and expertise to our students and community, to create the performing arts experience of putting on a musical. This is only the second year ever that Bowditch has produced an entire show led solely by Bowditch faculty!! An extra thank you to the talented parents also, who have assisted in building sets, designing costumes, and supporting their students throughout practices and preparation of the show.  I am so proud of our students and excited to watch the result of their remarkable talent and effort.


I know you will enjoy this entertaining performance. Thank you for supporting Bowditch’s performing arts program!!  Sit back, relax, and welcome to the wonderful and wacky world of Dr. Seuss.  



Principal Morgan




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