Seussical TYA - February 07 - February 09, 2020

Bowditch Middle School


Huge thanks to the costume committee for their countless hours designing, building, and fitting such fun and colorful costumes: Lauren Mansfield*, Harpreet McDermott, Anita Sharme, Beth Jordan, Kim McNease, Mari Rajamaki, Shirley Guo, Tanya Makarenko, and Yuka Kobayashi.


Thank you to Tomoko Imai* for organizing, finding, building, and leading the props committee to create the wacky and fun props for this show. Committee members include Chaitali Parikh, Kishore Bhamidipati, Nellie Tam, Sean Boyle, Sirisha Ayyagari, and Sushmitha Gollacharaka.


The set committee had lots to work on this year and spent numerous Saturdays building, painting, and assembling our amazing set. Huge thanks to Alex Oddo*, Jay Sathe*, Kristin Sanchez*, Glenn Okimura, Kathy Okimura, Payton White, Jen Oddo, Lucio Sanchez, Tuck Chang, Heike Fuhrmann, Ankit Garg, Irina Lib, (Jane) Rin Yuan, and Shwetha Bangera.


With so many set pieces and costumes and props, we needed a large load-in and load-out committee. Big thanks go to Tuck Chang*, Ashish Kothari, Emmon Lew, Lawrence Cualoping, Paul Schoening, Sandeep Bangera, Wendy Chan, and Yosup Rew for coordinating, loading, driving, and unloading as we moved our production to Bayside Performing Arts Center and back to Bowditch.


The publicity committee did so much work for us this year. Huge thanks to Jennifer Hepler* and Moushomi Bose for their countless hours working on the posters, and designing the t-shirts and sweatshirts, and extra special thanks to Michael Dhanuwidjaja for his work on the posters, sweatshirts and cast photos as well as working with the directors and student crew on this program. We couldn’t have done it without you!


The advertising committee created forms for sponsorship opportunities, helped sell ads in this program to families and businesses, and formatted the ads to look nice in the program. Thank you to Megha Gurnani*, Orit Shilon, Cristina Smart, and Ayumi Akasaka.


Hearty thanks to the bios and lobby decorations committee. Daphne Wong*, Jeff Ishikawa, and Beth Jordan collected and edited bios from all cast and crew members, took headshots, and decorated the lobby. We’re especially grateful to have both cast and crew recognized this year!


The ticket sales committee was busy this year researching, finding, and setting up a new ticketing website as well as running the ticket sales for the shows. Big thanks go to Dafna Akiva*, Svetlana Feofanova*, Anna Shih, Diana Auyeung-Kim, Dima Zughbaba, Harini Shrinivasan, Mary Beth Mealhow, and Vivian Lee.


Thanks to the fundraising and concessions/ flowers/ telegrams committee for their hard work raising money for our show through organizing and promoting a couple fundraisers and planning, coordinating, and running sales of concessions/ flowers/ telegrams in the lobby during shows. Thank you, Francine Weiss*, Bhim Uppar, Dawn Abraham, Jackie and Bob Schwartzer, Jaimie Montenegro, and Yifong LaChapelle.



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