LOOK WHAT THE FIRE DID - April 08 - April 24, 2022

Bunbury Theatre Company




A massive thank you goes out to all who have supported

Bunbury Theatre Company for the past 35 years!

We are so appreciative of those who have donated their

time, talents, and treasures to each and every season. 


We acknowledge and appreciate the following for their support of LOOK WHAT THE FIRE DID


PC Homecenter


Fund for the Arts


Kentucky Arts Council


Ile Haggins


Lewis J. Morrow


Launch Louisville & Dave Thomas


St. George's Scholar Institute - Urban Arts Academy





Gary Luhr,

 Paula Parkerson, Tom Morton,

  Kelvin Young Jr., Veda Pendleton, Janine Linder

Fran Englander, Stacey Featherstone


Contact us at

Bunburytheatre@gmail.com or 502-585-5306


Mailing Address


Bunbury Theatre 

   604 S. Third Street

Louisville, KY. 40202 


Please consider attending an upcoming production by Pandora Productions and Liminal Playhouse. Both companies perform here in the Henry Clay Theatre when Bunbury is not in production. 

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