LOOK WHAT THE FIRE DID - April 08 - April 24, 2022

Bunbury Theatre Company

 From the Producing Artistic Director 

Our sincere gratitude goes to the playwright, director, actors, artistic associates, and production team for their unwavering commitment to this production. Without their support and dedication, LOOK WHAT THE FIRE DID could not have gotten produced. Please take time to read their incredible biographies. I'd also like to thank The Fund for The Arts for supporting Bunbury and providing forums for understanding how vital diversity, equity, and inclusion are within the body of our arts institutions.


As humans, the company we keep defines us. The relationships we develop inspire us. Therefore, it is essential to cultivate friendships and seek out individuals who can help us grow in our journey through this very messy life. I met my friend Ile Haggins at Otterbein University when we were aspiring artists. Over the years, we have kept in touch through Facebook - it's good for some things. As Bunbury's Producing Artistic Director, I've tried to present stories that speak to myriad societal challenges. The summer of protests where the words "I can't breathe," "Say her name," and "Black Lives Matter," filled the streets, and I knew that in this incredibly salient moment in America's history, a relevant play existed.


I sought Ile's advice because she is a friend, a colleague, and a Black woman. What she presented to me was stunning. From the first few words of dialogue, I knew an authentic voice wrote this play.


Thanks to our artistic associates, we've assembled a group of talented artists to see Lewis Morrow's words come to life.


It may go without saying, but please recognize that the actors performing onstage portray characters. Given the commitment, passion, and artistry actors have to their roles; one might slip into believing the individuals are their characters. Art imitates life, but the two should not be confused.


With that in mind-


We invite you to our talk-back sessions, immediately following the production, where you can engage with the artists. These community engagement forums are designed to help us think about the play's messages, ask questions, and share our perceptions so that we can go out and make a difference in our world.


Finally, please consider sharing your experience with the significant humans in your life! We need to fill the houses for this production to spread the word and sustain our organization and meet our financial obligations. Therefore, word of mouth is essential!


If you would like to join our list of generous donors, please post a check to the address in this playbill, or visit our website.


See you on the boards,
Juergen K. Tossmann




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