LOOK WHAT THE FIRE DID - April 08 - April 24, 2022

Bunbury Theatre Company

 Who's Who 

  • Troy T. Bell head shot

    Troy T. Bell

    as Vaughn

    Troy T. Bell (Vaughn) won 1st Place on The Gong Show (1978.) A 44 year veteran of the theatre w/37 years experience in music ministry who has officially performed on every stage in the Derby City having now, worked at Bunbury. A charter member of YPAS’ premiere European Tour Show Troupe “Louisville’s Next Generation,” he did the vocal arrangements for the “We’ve Got It, Louisville” and 50th Anniversary of The Crusade for Children theme songs. Creative Director at Roots101 African-American Museum and Resident Company Member of Faith Works Studios, this Jack of HE+ARTS=

  • Sadik Ibn-Mohammed head shot

    Sadik Ibn-Mohammed

    as John

    Sadik Ibn-Mohammed (John) – This is Sadik’s 1st play with Bunbury Theatre. Previous credits: Jimmy Winkfield in JOCKEY JIM, Martin Delaney in THE STEPHEN FOSTER STORY, and Jim Bono in FENCES. A singer all his life, Sadik was a featured soloist in the 113th Army Band's 2015 Christmas Concert, FaithWorks Studios’ 2019 Soul of Christmas, and Redline Performing Arts' 2020 Black Harvest. Special thanks to God and my family, friends, loved ones, and the entire cast and crew of this show for the privilege of working together! 

  • Jan Louden head shot

    Jan Louden

    as Tay

    Janeane Louden is excited to be a part of LOOK WHAT THE FIRE DID! She has appeared in Theater 502 productions, HOW WATER BEHAVES as Ayatunde and as Kim in A FEMININE ENDING; as Mama in the UofL African American Theater production of A RAISIN IN THE SUN; as Topsy/Mama in The Griot Project productions of THE COLORED MUSEUM and as Reba in BEFORE IT HITS HOME; as Officer Poole/The Center in Pandora Production’s staged play reading SWEET EVENING BREEZE.

    Janeane has an MA in Management/Leadership & HR Development from Webster University.


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