Something Rotten! - January 21 - January 23, 2022

Cedar Park High School Theatre Department


The cast and crew wish to give special thanks to the following:


   All of our generous donors


   The CPHS Theatre Boosters


   The Theatre Department of Vista Ridge High School


   John Sloan


   Julie Raby


   Kim Vidrine


   Josh Marsh


   Adam Babich


   Allen Stewart


   Annie Wallin


   Lisa Holt


   All of the parents who schlepped their students to and from rehearsals.


   The Mirabella Family for their help with the show and for putting up with M's hours at school.


   A special thank you to Joseph Paz, South PAC Manager, for stepping in and assisting our lighting, sound, set design, and rigging teams as we were without a Tech Director during these crucial weeks in Janauary getting ready for the production. We appreciate your time getting us ready in addition to doing your own job.







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