Something Rotten! - January 21 - January 23, 2022

Cedar Park High School Theatre Department


Production and Technical Crew  
Alisa Mirabella  
Musical Director and Conductor  
Lisa Holt  
Assistant Director  
Ryleigh Jordan  
Annie Wallin  
Dance Captain  
Katie Smith  
Choreography Assistant  
Audrey Johnson  
Set Design  
Colin Falk & Jocelyn Adair  
Stage Manager  
Emma Frith  
Assistant Stage Managers  
Kierstyn Born & Charlotte Adair  
Master Carpenter  
Connor Yasi  
Master Electrician, Co-Lighting Designer & Board Operator  
Adam Long  
Co-Lighting Design  
Abigail Williams  
Logan Hramchack  
Spot Operators  
Brenden Kellicker & Nathan Legrand  
Sound Designer  
Olivia Laster  
Assistant to the Sound Designer  
Zoey Moulton  
Sound Technicians  
Aryan Anarkat & Annabelle Koltak  
Costume Designers  
Lauren Dane & Claire Poulter  
Costume Crew  
Dayanara Ortiz, Lynn Rice & Suzy Smith  
Props Master  
Erin Alexander & Erica Mihealsick  
Make-up & Hair Designers  
Mj Kelly & Caitlyn Delay  
Make-up crew  
Isabella Rios  
Scenic Painters  
All cast & crew, choir students, Lyn Dye, Yves Marquez-Calderon
Tech Captains  
Haylee Foster, Seth Garcia, Michael Zolidis

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