Something Rotten! - January 21 - January 23, 2022

Cedar Park High School Theatre Department


Act I  
Welcome to the Renaissance  
Minstrel, Company
God, I Hate Shakespeare  
Nick, Nigel, The Troupe
Right Hand Man  
Bea, Nick, Nigel
God, I Hate Shakespeare (Reprisal)  
A Musical  
Nostradamus, Nick, Ensemble
The Black Death  
The Troupe
I Love the Way  
Portia, Nigel
Will Power  
Shakespeare, Ensemble
Bottom's Gonna be on Top  
Nick, Company
Act II  
"Welcome to the Renaissance (Reprise)  
Hard to Be the Bard  
Shakespeare, Ensemble
It's Eggs!  
Nick, The Troupe
We See the Light  
Portia, Nigel, Brother Jeremiah, Nick, Ensemble
To Thine Own Self  
Nigel, Nick, Shakespeare, The Troupe
Right Hand Man (Reprise)  
Something Rotten!  
The Troupe
Make an Omelette  
Nick, Company
To Thine Own Self (Reprise)  
The Company

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