Something Rotten! - January 21 - January 23, 2022

Cedar Park High School Theatre Department

 Thank you 

     This month, Cedar Park High School Theatre Boosters along with the LISD South PAC and the CPHS Choir Booster Club, were able to purchase $20,000 in sound equipment to benefit our students. In large part, this was due to generous donations from two CPHS theatre and choir families. 


     We would like to thank Brian and Sandy Burke for their largesse in making a donation and having it matched by NVIDIA, Brian's employer. They have a daughter, CaryEllis Williams, who is currently a freshman at CPHS and participates in Theatre and Choir. You can see her in the Ensemble of Something Rotten! Their son, Carson Burke, is an alum of CPHS and served as President of Thespain Troupe 6289 in addition to being a part of several productions.


     Our second donors have this message, "We would like to remain anonymous as we love CPHS and have had 3 kids go through this wonderful school and community and so is our gift to this wonderful home of ours and we’ve longed for a better sound system."


     Thanks to the these two benefactors, the Booster Clubs and Joseph Paz, South PAC Manager, were able to come up with the remaining monies to make this much needed purchase. Due to supply chain issues, the new microphones and accompanying equipment will not be here in time for this production, everyone is very excited that they will arrive in plenty of time for our spring musical, Frozen Jr., in April. 



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