Grease School Version - March 27 - March 30, 2019

Centennial High School


  • Mia Alvarado head shot

    Mia Alvarado

    Mia is a Junior at Centennial, this is her first time doing hair for a theater production. Mia is doing hair for Sandy and Patty. She’s excited to do authentic 50’s hairstyles. Mia likes to sing and draw. She would like to give a shout out to her dad for telling her to pursue what makes her happy.

  • Aleshanee Arellano head shot

    Aleshanee Arellano

    This is Aleshanee's first show. She is very glad to be working with mics. She hopes to do more shows in the future. 

  • Isabella Arenas head shot

    Isabella Arenas

    This is Isabella's first show. She will be doing grand for the show and she is very excited to be working Grease. 

  • Emma Awwad head shot

    Emma Awwad

    Emma is a Junior at Centennial and she is very excited to do Hair for Danny and ChaCha in Grease. She has been doing wig and hair styling for a good length of time and can not wait to do it on other people. She’s very grateful to have this opportunity.

  • Justyn Baptiste head shot

    Justyn Baptiste

    This is Justyn's second year in tech and he loves it. He would like to do it again next year. Justin enjoys it because of his friends. He says he gets to have a lot of fun with them when they work on projects together. 

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