Grease School Version - March 27 - March 30, 2019

Centennial High School


  • Taylor Brennan head shot

    Taylor Brennan

    Taylor Brennan is a Junior.  This is their first year in makeup class. They are doing hair on Kenickie Murdoch and Eugene Felnic. They are very excited about doing hair for this show. Taylor is a very avid reader and reads everyday. The reason they chose to take this make up class is because they really enjoy doing hair and makeup.

  • Jocelyn Bright head shot

    Jocelyn Bright

    Jocelyn is a junior at Centennial and this is her first year doing makeup. Jocelyn is a makeup artist for Marty and Jan. She’s beyond excited for the opportunity to show her skills and is stoked for this experience! Jocelyn loves to paint and doing makeup has become another passion. She believes makeup helps express creativity. 

  • Damarri Brown head shot

    Damarri Brown

    This is Demarri's second time teching a show. He's glad to be here and would like to thank Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Carter for being such wonderful teachers.

  • Haleigh Butler head shot

    Haleigh Butler

    Haleigh is in her first year of special effects makeup. She loves being a part of shows and school events. She would like to thank everyone that’s helped her, especially her boyfriend, who lets her practice makeup on him. 

  • Nayiera Campbell head shot

    Nayiera Campbell

    Nayiera is a junior at Centennial and this will be her first year working in the makeup department here. Miss Campbell is doing makeup for Roger and Doddy. She is a very active makeup artist. Nayiera loves keeping a smile on her model’s face by telling funny jokes to keep them in a happy mood. She is always ready to work with big or small problems in the makeup department and is very talented at doing hair.

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