Grease School Version - March 27 - March 30, 2019

Centennial High School

 Who's Who 

  • Lillian Ackerman head shot

    Lillian Ackerman

    Lilly is a junior. She is so excited to a part of this amazing cast and is so thankful for the directors.

  • Katie Anderson head shot

    Katie Anderson

    This is Katie’s second year at Centennial and her 2nd big musical. She’d like to thank her parents for all their help and her directors because of how amazing they are. Lastly she’d like to thank Annie and Cam for being the best people and helping her so much.

  • Carlos Araujo head shot

    Carlos Araujo

    Carlos loves the stage and performance. He is Creole and was born in Brazil. He is trained vocally and in various styles of dance including ballet and jazz. Carlos plays two instruments and is very excited for his second musical production performance. His favorite things in the world are Music, Popeyes chicken, and Beyoncé.

  • Alexis Balint head shot

    Alexis Balint

    Alexis is a junior and this is her first year at Centennial. She was in this years BGB and was very proud to have made friends, who are now her second family. This is her first musical and she would like to thank her Dad for getting her into acting, her mom, Megan for encouraging her to try harder the next time. She loves her theatre family more than anything and she is happy to have met them! She'd like to thank Daniel, Jordan, Carlos, Scierra, and her directors for giving her this opportunity.

  • Stevan Bigler head shot

    Stevan Bigler

    This is Stevan's second time performing in a musical and he is especially excited to be a part of "Grease". He has been at Centennial for 3 years and feels that being in this environment has pulled together everything that's been good in his high school career.

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