G2K Once Upon A Mattress - April 25

Center For Inquiry 84

 Shout Out! 

Sing your heart out, Alice Christie! So proud of you! Love, Mom & Dad


Eliza–You are Fred daily–joyful, feisty, strong, independent & optimistic. You make our world better. So very proud! Love Mom, Dad & Alexis


Bridge-Widge and El-Bell- two awesome 7th grade stage crew members- love you!


Kate and Ben - We’re so proud of you! Break a leg! Love, Mom and Dad


Pipes, we are proud of you! Break a leg ;) XO ~ Mom, Dad, Willow & Cash


Rosemary - We are proud of your hard work and can't wait to see you perform! XOXO Mom, Dad & Colvin


We are so proud of your hard work LJ! Love, Mom, Dad, Ben, Henry, and Fritz


Maddie G., We love your enthusiasm and energy! Great job on the musical; we are so proud of you! Love, Mom, B and FB


We are so proud of you, Maggie! Break a leg! Love, Mom, Dad, Charlie, and all your family


Eliza, You are our star. Love, Grandma & Grandpa


Jason, you're brave to go on stage for Once Upon a Mattress! From Zach


Yo Bro, I'm glad you are in the play!!! Love, Magnolia Pittman :)


Elsie Rossman, you are awesome! We hate to miss you on stage, but know you’ll be great. xoxo Aunt Anna, Aunt Jill, Uncle Mark and Families


Ian Miller - We are so proud of our favorite cast member and budding actor! You have fun and we'll enjoy the show. Love, Grandma & Grandpa


Way to go, Ian! So proud of you. Love, G & Gigi


Stella - We are soo proud of all of the effort you have put into this. Love, Mom & Dad


Vivi - We are so proud that you took on this challlenge. Love, Mom & Dad


Congratulations Maggie on student directing your last year at 84! Break a leg Amelia on your first musical! We are so proud of you both xoxo


Hey, Shiloh. Knock 'em dead! Make Danny DeVito Proud! I love your acting & you’re the best sister anyone can have! We are so proud of you! Love, Dad, Mom, Finn & the pups


Congratulations to Avirett and all of stage crew on your hard work!




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