G2K Once Upon A Mattress - April 25

Center For Inquiry 84


Opening For A Princess  
Dauntless, Knights, Ladies
Many Moons Ago  
Minstrel, Jester
Many Moons Ago (Reprise)  
Minstrel, Jester
Winnifred, Company
Queen Aggravain, Wizard
The Swamps Of Home  
Winnifred, Company
The Minstrel, The Jester and I  
Minstrel, Jester, Silent King
Happily Ever After  
Yesterday I Loved You  
Sir Harry, Lady Larken
Spanish Panic  
Song Of Love  
Dauntless, Winnifred, Company
Queen Aggravain, The Wizard, Company

A Note From the Directors

We want to acknowledge that our show did not have the chance to be performed the way we intended due to Covid-19.  This program was written when we thought we would be performing live.  With that being said we still wanted to pubish this program as a way to commemorate all of the hard work the cast and crew put into this show.  We hope you enjoy or virtual performances.  We are so proud of this group of kids for all that they put into this during the school year and during the pandemic.    



Thank you!

We have had many people in our CFI village help with this production. We cannot thank them enough for all of their help!


Martin Family

Benjamin Chesney 

Milton Collins

Lori Eldridge

Sandra McGhee

Dawn Hammon

Haug Family

Kathleen Miller

Kathy Seaton

Nick Busum


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