G2K Once Upon A Mattress - April 25

Center For Inquiry 84


Cast Members  
Princess Winnifred the Woebegone  
Eliza Rammel  
Prince Dauntless the Drab  
Paxton Klitzsch  
Queen Aggravain  
Max Cseszko  
The Silent King  
Finn Cohen  
Lady Larken  
Alice Zumbiel  
Sir Harry  
Jackson Hawkins  
The Minstrel  
Reese Long  
The Jester  
Mavis Cropp  
The Wizard  
Aaron Clark  
Lady Lucille/Lady-in-Waiting  
Teagan Payne  
Lady Rowena/Lady-in-Waiting  
Maggie Webber  
Sir Harold/Ensemble  
LJ Leising  
Lady Beatrice/Ensemble  
Madi Martin  
Princess Number 12  
Abby Marshall  
1st Knight  
Tandeko Beier  
2nd Knight  
Ollie Haug  
3rd Knight  
Andrew Chase  
Lady in Waiting  
Amelia Fine  
Lady in Waiting  
Kate Foster  
Lady in Waiting  
Nora Priest  
Lady in Waiting  
Mia Rakestraw  
Lady in Waiting  
Evie Relue  
Lady in Waiting  
Edie Zumbiel  
Berlynn Sommer  
Ivey Strickland  
Stella Wright  
Vivi Wright  
Matilda Smiley  
Eliza Smiley  

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