Side Show - April 08 - April 11, 2021

Central Dauphin East High School


CD East High Administration

Dr. Jesse Rawls, Principal

Mr. Ken Ward, 9th Grade Assistant Principal

Mrs. Shauntae Iachini, 10th Grade Assistant Principal

Mr. Jason Black, 11th Grade Assistant Principal

Mr. Matt Keys, 12th Grade Assistant Principal

Central Dauphin School District Administration

Dr. Norman Miller, Superintendent

Dr. Erika Willis, Assistant to the Superintendent for Academic Operations

Aaron McConnell, Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Administrative Operations


Central Dauphin School Board

Mr. Ford S. Thompson, President

Mr. Justin Warren, Vice President

Mrs. Lauren Silvers, Assistant Secretary

Ms. Linda Dallago

Mr. Eric Epstein

Mr. William Roberts, Jr.

Mr. Ryan Gonder

Ms. Beth Sviben

Mrs. Jeanne Webster

CD East High Music Boosters

Elizabeth McElheny, President

Ann Ariano, Vice-President, Director of Events

Rachael Lake, Vice-President, Director of Operations

Lisa Milletics, Vice-President, Director of Fundraising 

Linda Grier, Secretary

Anthony Ariano, Treasurer

Gerry Lake, Treasurer


CD East High Custodial Staff


Jasmine Bucher  - Palmyra Area High School Musical




The Pan Ram Foundation 

Open Stage 

Oyster Mill Playhouse 

Central York High School 

Harrisburg Gastroenterology, Ltd.

Dirt Petal 

Theatre Harrisburg

Broadway Notes: Vocal and Acting Studio 

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