Side Show - April 08 - April 11, 2021

Central Dauphin East High School


Come Look At The Freaks  
Sir & Company
I’m Daisy, I’m Violet  
Daisy & Violet
Like Everyone Else  
Daisy & Violet
Very Well Connected  
Terry & Buddy
Before Devil You Know  
Terry, Buddy, Jake, Daisy, Violet, & Attractions
Devil You Know  
Jake, Fortune Teller, & Attractions
Ladies And Gentlemen…  
Typical Girls Next Door  
Daisy & Violet
You Should Thank Me Every Day  
Cut Them Apart  
Doctors, Auntie, Daisy, & Violet
All In The Mind  
Houdini, Daisy, & Violet
Come See A New Land  
Sir, Daisy, Violet, Houdini, Auntie, Judge, Doctors
Before The Trial  
Feelings You’ve Got To Hide  
Daisy & Violet
Say Goodbye To The Side Show  
Terry, Daisy, Violet, Fortune Teller, Jake, & Attractions
Ready To Play  
Daisy, Violet, & Company
The Interview  
Reporters, Daisy, & Violet
Buddy Kissed Me  
Daisy & Violet
Who Will Love Me As I Am?  
Daisy, Violet, & Company
Stuck With You (Part I)  
Ray, Buddy, Daisy, & Violet
Leave Me Alone  
Daisy & Violet
Stuck With You (Part II)  
Ray, Buddy, Daisy, & Violet
New Years Eve  
Terry, Daisy, Violet, & Company
Buddy, Violet, Terry, Daisy, & Company
A Private Conversation  
Terry & Daisy
One Plus One Equals Three  
Buddy, Violet, Daisy, Ray, & Company

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