Side Show - April 08 - April 11, 2021

Central Dauphin East High School


Athena & Matthew - There's a bright future ahead of you! Love Lolo & Lola


Athena & Matthew - So excited for this year's musical! Break a leg! Auntie Pearl


Athena - Dance your heart out to the Side Show! So proud of you! Trisha


Athena & Matthew - The stage is where you belong! We love you! Granny Vicky


Danielle - Congratulations Ladybug! We love you! Grandma and Pop Good luck


Danielle Pierce! I'm so proud of you! Nana


Congratulations to your "Theater Girl" - Danielle Pierce Meech and Shamicka


Good luck Danielle...break a leg! Jymil, Deshon & Tyler


Danielle - Can't wait to see you as the Geek! Anjel and Sheba


Kylie, we love you more every day! Continue to shine like the star you are!

Mom and Dad


Saydee, I can't wait to see your energy on stage! Ms Jessie & Mr. Nick


Rachel - we are so proud of you! Good luck! Love Grandma and Pap


Rachel - We are so proud of you #1 niece! Love Aunt Jul and Danica Good luck


Rachel! Ti Amo! Love Nunnie and Pap


Good luck Rachel! Love Uncle George, Aunt Kelly, Geo, Ethan and Liv


Kylie, cannot wait to see you on stage! So so proud of you - love ya! Vanthy


Kylie, proud of you! Lexi


Kyle - To our super talented grandson, We Love You! Nana and Pap


Kyle - Your hard work paid off and we are so proud of you! Love Nana and Paop


Break a leg, Kyle! So proud of you! Love Mima and Bunji


Break a leg, Kyle! We love you so much! Love Mom, Dad and Taylor

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