A Christmas Story, The Musical - November 18 - November 20, 2022

Childrens Theater of Southern Maryland


Act I  
Prologue: The Radio Station in NYC
Scene 1: The Parker Home/Higbee’s Department Store
It All Comes Down to Christmas  
Full Company
Red Ryder Carbine-Action BB Gun  
Scene 2: The Parker Home
The Genius on Cleveland Street  
The Old Man
Scene 3: The Path
When You’re A Wimp  
Kids Ensemble
Scene 4: The Classroom
Ralphie to the Rescue!  
Full Company
Scene 5: The Parker Home
What a Mother Does  
A Major Award  
The Old Man, Adult Ensemble
Scene 6: The Parker Home
Scene 7: The Road
Parker Family Sing-along  
Ralphie, Randy, Mother, The Old Man
Scene 8: The Parker Home
Act 1 Finale  
Full Company
Act II  
Scene 1: The Schoolyard/Classroom
Sticky Situation  
Full Company
Scene 2: Fantasy Speakeasy
To The Nightclub  
Farcus, Dill, Kids Ensemble
You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out  
Farcus, Dill, Kids Ensemble, Miss Shields
Scene 3: The Path
Scene 4: The Parker Home
Just Like That  
Red Ryder Reprise #1 & At Higbee’s  
Ralphie, Ensemble
Scene 5: Higbee’s Department Store
Up On Santa’s Lap  
Full Company
Scene 6: The Parker Home
Before The Old Man Comes Home  
Ralphie, Randy, Mother, The Old Man
Scene 7: Ralphie and Randy’s Bedroom

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