A Christmas Story, The Musical - November 18 - November 20, 2022

Childrens Theater of Southern Maryland


Crew Members  
Technical Crew  
Aidan Dean  
Technical Crew  
Danielle Hopfinger  
Technical Crew  
Ryan James  
Technical Crew  
Abby Smith  
Technical Crew  
Sabrina Brown  
ASL Providers  
Wendy Crawford
Imari Montero
Props Master  
Molly Crumbley  
Props Master  
Sebastian Crumbley  
Props Master  
Scarlett Richmond  
Props Master  
Toni Richmond  
Ali Dean  
Set Design, Construction, & Paint  
Dave Walton  
Music Director  
Neal Wentz  
Assistant Choreographer  
April Higgs  
Megan Murphy  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Sydney Dockett  
Stage Manager  
Krittany Ornelas  
House Manager  
Kimberly Ball  
Aly Cross  
Assistant Producer  
William Righter  
Brandy O'Shields  

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