Urinetown The Musical - September 09 - September 18, 2022

City Theatre of Independence

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Coralyn Martin (Director)

    (Director) community theatre background began with CTI children’s theatre, but her travels as an actorand comedian have taken her to Hollywood and back. She trained in comedy performance and writing at Second CityHollywood and her credits include 11 different original comedy shows and musicals that have been performed atRenaissance and theatre festivals across the country. Now back home, she is the Creative Director of the upcomingSocial Cabaret event space in the Overland Park, KS area.“I believe comedy has the power to unite people of all backgrounds. Laughter at the absurd, the annoying, the shocking,and the silly is a transcendent experience that gives everyone a break from fear, worry, loneliness, anddisconnection. The world seems scarier for people every day, but if we can still laugh at a joke, we remind ourselveswe are still human, and maybe everything will be alright.”

  • Andrew Draker (Stage Manager)

    Has had the pleasure of being involved in theatre on stage and backstage off and onfor the last 20-odd years. With a background in event production, this is Andrew’s third production at City Theatre. Recentcredits include The God Committee (OCTA), Disney’s Newsies (GTIP), Gypsy (CTI), and Exit Laughing (CTI).

  • Michael Hadley (Lighting & Set Design)

     is excited to return to CTI this season, and to work with Cory for the first time.Most recently, he was the Set, Lighting, and Projections Designer and Operator for "Man of La Mancha" at the City Theatre ofIndependence. Also at CTI, he was the Lighting Design/Operation for "Over The River and Through The Woods" and"Rented Christmas"; Set Designer, Lighting Design/Operation for "The Outgoing Tide"; Lighting and ProjectionsDesign/Operation for "Gypsy." He has also worked with Gladstone Theatre in the Park, Olathe Civic Theatre Association,Bell Road Barn Players and Summit Theatre Group. Mike sends his thanks to Andrew Draker.

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