Urinetown The Musical - September 09 - September 18, 2022

City Theatre of Independence


Scene I
Full Company
It's a Privilege to Pee  
Pennywise, the Poor
Scene II
Mr. Cladwell  
Cladwell, Hope, the Staff of UGC
Scene III
Cop Song  
Lockstock, Barrel, Cops
Follow Your Heart  
Hope, Bobby
Scene IV
Look at the Sky  
Bobby, the Poor
Scene V
Don't Be the Bunny  
Cladwell, the Staff of UGC
Scene VI
Act One Finale  
Bobby, Cladwell, Hope, Company
Scene I
What is Urinetown?  
Bobby, Cladwell, Little Sally, Lockstock, Hot Blades Harry, Little Becky Two Shoes, the Poor
Scene II
Snuff That Girl  
Hot Blades Harry, Little Becky Two Shoes, the Poor
Run, Freedom, Run!  
Bobby, the Poor
Follow Your Heart (Reprise)  
Scene III
Why Did I Listen to That Man?  
Bobby, Hope, Pennywise, Lockstock, Barrel, Fipp
Scene IV
Tell Her I Love Her  
Little Sally, Bobby
Scene V
We're Not Sorry  
Little Sally, Hot Blades Harry, Company
We're Not Sorry (Reprise)  
Cladwell, Pennywise

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