Urinetown The Musical - September 09 - September 18, 2022

City Theatre of Independence


Cast Members  
Cladwell's Secretary / Soupy Sue  
Lynnae Andersen  
Hot Blades Harry / Tiny Tim  
Wendy Buchheit  
Little Sally  
Adeana Carr  
Josephine "Ma" Strong  
Danise Deckert  
Little Becky Two-Shoes / Mrs. Mllenium  
Michaela Edson  
Hope Cladwell  
Olivia Franklin  
Dr. Billeaux  
Kimberly Gamble  
Ensemble/ Hope Cladwell- US  
Courtney Haid  
Penelope Pennywise  
Cora Hoaglin  
Ensemble/ Senator Fipp - US  
Aaron Hoffman  
Officer Lockstock  
De'Markus Howell  
Bobby Strong  
Ken Koval  
Robby the Stockfish  
Kenn Marlowe  
Andrew McKinley  
Officer Barrel  
Gary Cowdrey- Mota  
Caldwell B. Cladwell  
Alex West  
Senator Fipp/ Penelope Pennywise - US  
Hannah Williams  
Ensemble/ Little Sally - US  
Jada Wilson  
Old Man Strong  
Ray Zarr  

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