Zombie Prom - November 17 - November 20, 2022

Colerain High School


Act I  
Enrico Fermi High  
Kids, Miss Strict
Ain't No Goin' Back  
Toffee, Jonny, Kids
Jonny Don't Go  
Toffee, Girls
Scene I
Good As It Gets  
Toffee, Kids
The C Word  
Jonny, Toffee, Kids
Rules, Regulations and Respect  
Miss Strict, Kids
Ain't No Goin' Back (Reprise)  
Jonny, Toffee, Kids
Blast From the Past  
Jonny, Kids
Scene II
That's the Beat for Me  
Eddie, Secretaries, Copy Boys
Scene III
The Voice in the Ocean  
Jonny, Toffee
It's Alive  
Jonny, Miss Strict, Kids
Where Do We Go From Here  
Jonny, Toffee, Kids
Trio (Case Closed)  
Eddie, Miss Strict, Jonny
Scene I
Then Came Jonny  
Miss Strict, Jonny, Toffee, Kids
Scene II
Come Join Us  
Ramona Merengue, Motorwise Gasoline Guys, Eddie
How Can I Say Good-Bye?  
Jonny, Motorwise Guys
Scene III
Easy to Say  
Toffee, Girls
Scene IV
At the Dance  
Eddie, Miss Strict
Eddie, Miss Strict
Scene V
Isn't It?  
How Do You Stand on Dreams?  
Toffee, Jonny
Forbidden Love  
Toffee, Jonny, Kids
The Lid's Been Blown  
Eddie, Miss Strict, Kids
Zombie Prom  

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