Zombie Prom - November 17 - November 20, 2022

Colerain High School

  Who's Who in the Cast  

  • Miley Breedlove head shot

    Miley Breedlove

    as Toffee's Mom

    Miley Breedlove has been in drama since she was in 8th grade. She is so excited for you to see this show. She is so excited to see what drama brings her in the future!

  • Hana Busken head shot

    Hana Busken

    as Ginger

    Hana Busken is a 10th grader whose passion for dance shines on stage. Hana is honored to be the dance captain for Colerain Drama Club and Showcards. She is proud of the hard work and love that was put into her 5th production! Hana would love to thank her parents, grandparents, and beautiful sister for all of their amazing support!

  • James Covarrubias head shot

    James Covarrubias

    as Eddie Flagrante

    James has been involved in theatre since he was six years old, playing Peter Rabbit in Humpty Dumpty is Missing. Some of his favorite roles include: Lurch in Addams Family, Rico Bandella in Radio Suspense Theatre, and Bernard Dunlap in Suite Surrender. He would like to thank his mother, Victoria, for always supporting him, and crew for creating an amazing environment to act in. He hopes you keep an open mind and remember that when James is on stage, he is IN CHARACTER. If you’re seeing this and know him…no you don’t.

  • Hope Eulenburg head shot

    Hope Eulenburg

    as Stage Manager

    Hope Eulenburg has loved theatre for years and is so excited for her first production with Colerain High School. She has always loved music and performing and is loving the experience with the Drama Club. She would like to thank her friends and family and hopes you enjoy Zombie Prom!

  • Hank Jablonski head shot

    Hank Jablonski

    as Jake

    Hank has not played in any other productions other than Zombie Prom. He is very thankful to his parents and siblings for convincing him to join the drama. He has enjoyed the new experience and hopes to participate in future productions.

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