Zombie Prom - November 17 - November 20, 2022

Colerain High School


Chosen Williams - Break a leg! We are proud of all you’ve done on the stage and off. (Love Angie & Jason)


Hank Jablonski - You got this Hank the Tank, Break a Leg! (Love Mom and Steve)


Charlotte McVay - You have earned your way onto that state.  Sing loud and smile. (Love, Mom)


Hana Busken - We love watching you perform!  You are a joy to watch and you light up the stage! We are so proud of you! (Love, Mom, Dad, & Sammie)


Hana Busken - We know you will be fantastic!  You are the best!  We are sooo proud! (Love, Grandma & Grandpa)


Janet Kelly - We are so proud of you! Go shine sweatheart.  We love you muchly. (Love, Mom & Dad)


Karli Smith - You have always done phenomenal on and off stage!! Let this last fall performance at CHS show the world your passion! Can't wait to see you on stage and doing your thing! (Howard Family)


Kailie Gould - good luck on stage! I'm sure you're going to be awesome, just like in Guard!  (Mello Maddie's Family)


Joey Smith - Can't wait to see you up on stage with your big sis! You're going to to do awesome!  (The Howard Family)


Ethan Stoelt- Good Luck, though I'm sure you wont need it... you always do awesome on stage!! Can't wait to see you perform!  (The Howard Family)


Gabby Howard- We love you and will be here cheering you on! I hope you enjoy working the lights yet again! Love you!  (Mom, Dad, and Maddie)


Shelby Farler - Good Luck and have fun running lights with Gabby!  (The Howard Family)



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