Dallas Black Canvas

 Notes From Lead Executive Producer  

What a ride this has been.



When Black Canvas was first founded in 2017, we had no idea what was in store for


us. We just wanted to create a space where black artists could feel safe


and become better at their craft. Almost a decade later and Thursdays are still


cooler than the weekends and and we are now on our first major production. Time 


sure does fly. 



I have learned so much from this experience and I am honored at this opportunity.


You have to be somewhat delusional and insane to be a producer and let's just say I


have both of those on lock. 


Everyone involved in this show is at the top of their game and it has been incredible


to watch everyone work. 



On behalf of Black Canvas, we hope that you enjoy this program and thank you for 


celebrating black excellence with us. 



To all aspiring Black producers and creators out there: dream big, take risks, 


be an advocate for yourself, and most importantly make the world better for people


who look like you. 



- Cameron Tendaji 

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