Dallas Black Canvas


A.K.A - The people who played a major part in making my job easier. 


This was an major undertaking and I just wanted to take time out to personally 


thank those who went out of their way/and above their role to help.


Kadence Jones - You are a superstar. Seeing you consistently show up and show


out regardless of what was going on in your personal life gave me the drive to go


even harder. Thank you for assembling the these Avengers Ensemble Singers who


did NOT come to play at all.


Bryce Leffall - Thank you for cheographing not one, but three numbers for the


show and your consistent contributions. I remember a day when I was


strapped for funds and was completely stressed about how I was going to feed the


cast for practice and how GRATEFUL I was to see that you had done that. You'll


never know how much that touched me. 


Maya Hook - What didn't you do honestly? My Co-Executive producer. Thank you


for going above and beyond in not only securing sponsors but much needed funds


after I hit a brick wall. The money you raised helped pay for our performance


license, which we would not have had a show if it had not been paid in time. Your


passion continually inspires me and you light up the room everytime you enter it.


Syntin Johnson - Our secret weapon who went above and beyond to make sure


our big numbers were even more electric. 


If I missed anyone, please blame my head and not my heart. Thank you all




Cameron Tendaji


Lead Executive Stage Producer 




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