Dallas Black Canvas

 Letter From The Director 

I've always believed that artists are cracked vessels - just some humans on a


spiritual journey allowing art to flow through them. We develop our crafts and fill


spaces with whatever art the universe bestows upon us. There is something so


affirming about directing and watching actors take words from a page, breathe life


into a character, and use their bodies as vehicles to tell a story.



As a director who is an amatuer at acting, a dancer with two left feet, and a singer


whose voice could scare the cats, I am in awe when I get to work with actors on the


stage, who will bleed on the dance floor, make the caged birds sing, and expose 


their naked souls for me, for their characters, for all of us. I am truly blessed to  


have the opporunity to work with every one of my cast members. I want to thank 


them for allowing me the opportunity to witness their evolution as actors and 


artists; it has been a rewarding experience that I'll never forget. I have learned so 


much more than I thought I knew about them, myself, and the characters they 





Directing this play, at this historical venue, has always been a dream of mine. I 


remember being a kid on the South Side of Fort Worth, listening to the radio on the 


way to school in the morning and hearing about plays at The Black Academy of Arts


and Letters.  You could've been anywhere tonight, but you chose to be here with  


us. Prepare to witness months of hard work as we enliven one of the most iconic


stage plays in American History.


We all are, know of, or have a little of Effie, Deena, Lorrell, Michelle, Jimmy, or 


Curtis in us -- that's why folks love this story. I hope you enjoy our rendition. 




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