Freaky Friday - November 27 - November 29, 2020

De Pere High School Redbird Productions


Covid-19 has challenged theatre across the world tremendously this year. The cast and crew of this production are eternally grateful to so many people for helping make this years production happen.



  • Robert Mohar and Pete Dignan for their continued support, help, and dedication to the theatre and to this show!


  • De Pere High School administration for being advocates of the theatre and making sure this show came to life!


  • Janice Counihan who does all of our wonderful advertising!


  • Jennifer Beyers and the digital media class for designing our fabulous poster!


  • Armando Garcia who engineered and created the two puppets used by Fletcher!


  • Xavi Noharra who used his Tik Tok skills create our promotional video!


  • Ethan Welch for creating the music used in our promotional video!


  • Ben Leassum, Shoua Lee, and Eric Lane for filming and editing the show!


  • The cast and crew who were continuously adaptive, resilient, and determined to put this show together! 

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