Freaky Friday - November 27 - November 29, 2020

De Pere High School Redbird Productions

 End Notes 

The Show Must Go On. . .


Redbird productions believes in student-centered productions. We believe in providing students with the opportunities to participate in real world individual and collaborative team work settings. Students are involved in the decisions, design, and creation of the production in order to truly make it their own. Students lead the production teams with feedback and guidance from the directors. Covid-19 has challenged the arts greatly this year, however the show must always go on! Redbird Productions is proud of how we adapted and adjusted our 'norm' to be safe and maintain our goals. Majority of our work was done remotely from home including, learning lines, music, and blocking, assigning costumes, hair, makeup, and props, and creating scene changes, light and sound plots - all while managing to have a little fun in the making! This year challenged students to think outside of the box, be resilient, and discplined. They managed to maintain their position on building a student-centered production and for that alone deserve a standing ovation!



Redbird productions is self-funded through our ticket sales.



Thank you for supporting Redbird Productions!

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