Freaky Friday - November 27 - November 29, 2020

De Pere High School Redbird Productions


Crew Members  
Miss Raquel Lopez  
Stage Manager  
Zach Hodgdon  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Clarissa LaPlante  
Vocal Director  
Miss Raquel Lopez  
Miss Raquel Lopez  
Technical Director  
Mr. Pete Dignan  
Head of Lights  
Kendra Lambrecht  
Assistant Lights  
Masen Lambrecht  
Head of Sound  
Rachel Grimes  
Assistant Sound  
Arianna Fuller  
Head of Costumes  
Sarah VonDerRuhr  
Head of Cosmetics  
Bria Doxtater  
Master Carpenter  
Mr. Robert Mohar  
Stage Crew  
Emily Huebner  
Stage Crew  
Catherine Erickson  
Stage Crew  
Hailey Rohm  
Stage Crew  
Adam Butzen  
Stage Crew  
Lake Van Pay  
Stage Crew  
Brianna Young  
Cover & Poster Design  
Morgan Tomashek  
Puppet Engineer  
Armando Garcia  

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