Clue on Stage - April 28 - May 01, 2021

Dixie High Arts Department

 End Notes 

Notes from the Director


This has been a very strange year, I think we can all agree with that. What has remained constant is the student's enthusiasm to perform, be it on the field, on a court, on a mat, or on stage. I’ve tried to keep everything as normal as possible by providing opportunities for my students to learn and perform. Last year I stated that we would do a murder mystery or a comedy. So I decided to combine them by doing Clue On Stage. This is a very fun and talented group of students. Some are seniors that I have never worked with before, but all of them have their moments to shine and they are amazing.  


This last production of the year should go out with a bang. I dedicate this last show to the Class of 2021 for the crazy, annoying, and difficult year that they have had to experience. My hope is that through this experience they have learned something new and can make a change for a better future.






Our Deepest Thanks


We could not have put this or any production on without the help of our booster club parents.  Thank you for the food, for the help, for the paint, for the contributions, for the hours and hours and hours of time away from your children as they rehearsed, and for your love. 


We also would like to thank our Principal, Mr. Brooks, and the rest of the faculty and staff at Dixie High School.  We especially need to give a great big thanks to our janitorial staff- we are a mess and we are ever so grateful for your hard work and patience with us.

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