Clue on Stage - April 28 - May 01, 2021

Dixie High Arts Department

 Who's Who 

  • George Miner

    as Wadsworth, the butler

    George is a Junior this year.  As a Sophomore he was in the pit orchestra in Pippin and thought it looked like a lot more fun to be on stage and auditioned for the next show.  After all the lines he had to memorize for Clue, the pit is looking better and better!  He plays in the band, and drum line and loves to play the piano.  He wants to thanks Mama Wells for everything.

  • Allison Orton head shot

    Allison Orton

    as Miss Scarlet

    Allison loves the theatre. She has had the opportunity to star as The Leading Player in Pippin and Dinah in Starlight Express and sing some really great songs in Broadway Through the Ages. She is currently the DHS Madrigals President, plays bass in the Jazz Band and is a member of the DHS Mountain Bike Team, and is the funnest person to be around all of the time. 

  • Emily Wells head shot

    Emily Wells

    as Mrs. White

    Yes, that is her regular voice, and the nails are real too. Oh, and that is her real hair. Everything is real. Emily really did kill five men; all of this is real. Except for that duck that is on stage in every single show ever put on here at Dixie- he is unfortunately dead. Emily is very cool, and she loves this department, its people, and her parents. Thanks for everything <3

  • Maile Jacobsen head shot

    Maile Jacobsen

    as Mrs. Peacock

    Maile is excited to be playing the role of Mrs. Peacock, especially since it is so different from most of the roles she has played previously (Duvay the sleeping car from Starlight Express, Fastrada the sexy stepmother from Pippin, and bloodthirsty “Elsa” in Game of Tiaras). Maile had always loved performing, whether it be singing, dancing, acting, or presenting PowerPoints. She loves attention, and lots of it. Maile also doesn’t really know if she’s supposed to write her bio in first person or third person. But she’s also really smart and cool and funny and stuff. She loves her castmates (some more than others (just kidding (maybe))) and has had such a fun time getting to know them all. Clue is one of her favorite shows she’s done so far, and is so excited for everyone to see it!

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