Clue on Stage - April 28 - May 01, 2021

Dixie High Arts Department


Cast Members  
Wadsworth, the butler  
George Miner  
Colonel Mustard  
Jaden Cahill  
Mrs. Peacock  
Maile Jacobsen  
Professor Plum  
Jonah Lutui  
Mrs. White  
Emily Wells  
Mr. Green  
Damian Cervantes  
Miss Scarlet  
Allison Orton  
Yvette, the maid  
Libby Pike  
Mr. Boddy, Motorist, Chief of Police  
David Stant  
The Cook  
Zoe Ericksen  
Police Officer, Scarlet double  
Hannah Bastow  
Police Officer 2, Mustard double  
Christian Erickson  
Boddy double  
Tanner Reep  
Voice of the Newscaster  
Cameron Hansen  

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