The Addams Family - March 06 - March 08, 2020

Florence Township Memorial High School

  Behind the Scenes  

Production Staff  
Assistant Director/Make-up Supervisor/Costume Design  
Bria Moscetti  
Stage Manager  
David Buddie  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Raymond Moody  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Sydney Slotkin  
Wardrobe Manager  
Katherine Hein  
Properties Manager/Artistic Set Design  
Zainab Olajide  
Lead Sound Designer/Artistic Set Design  
Jordan Papp  
Assistant Sound Designer/Artistic Set Design  
Burne Das  
Lead Lighting Designer  
Alison Kuc  
Assistant Lighting Designer  
Lyndsey Burns  
Spotlight Operator  
Jacob Saltzman  
Stage Crew  
Michael Varchetto  
Stage Crew  
Sean McDaid  
Stage Crew/Artistic Set Design  
Taija Rae Williams  
Stage Crew  
Aiden McCormick  
Stage Crew  
Josh Gronert  
Stage Crew  
Ethan Saltzman  
Artistic Set Design/Costume Design  
Madison Clevenger  
Artistic Set Design/Costume Design  
Arpita Das  

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