The Addams Family - March 06 - March 08, 2020

Florence Township Memorial High School


Angelica - Best of luck to you! - Brandon Schwartz

Good luck Jaden! Love KK

Go Jaden! Love Dito

Best of luck, Taylor! - The Saintz's

Great job, Taylor! - Evan & Logan

Taylor - Have fun! - Mom, Dad, & Ashton

Good Luck Taylor! - Brittney

Good luck Ava ! Love you! - Mom

JJ- Break a leg! Love Papi

JJ- So proud of you! - Mami

Kyle Oakley- Break a leg! -Love Matt & Ryan

Kyle Oakley- Shine Bright! - Love Mommom & PopPop

Kyle Oakley – You got this! -Love Grandmom & Uncle Jim

Sending Taylor good luck vibes from the Supeys

Last FHS show! Go, A.D. Bria! - Luv, Aunt P

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