Ride the Cyclone - June 16 - July 09, 2023

Forest Theater Guild

 Note from the Executive Director 

         My family has lived on the peninsula for five generations, my grandchildren make six. At least 4 of those generations (that I know of) have performed here, on the Forest Theater Stage. The Forest Theater Guild holds a place dear to my heart and it has been my honor to serve as interim Executive Director for as long as I have…it was only supposed to be for a few months (they said) …which grew into a few years and then a few more. I smile as I say this. I think back on all of the fun shows, all of the sometimes-seeming insurmountable obstacles and challenges, all of the wonderful, talented, beautiful people that I have met and had the pleasure to work with. I treasure the notes and cards from my young participants that have gone off to college, have graduated, are working in the arts,  are on Broadway or off Broadway, are in film or tv, have joined Equity or SAG or one of the related trades, the participants that had a bucket list item to check off, the little kids that are now in high school or college, the friends I have made and the family I have gained…for it is difficult to be in this field and not gain a very large, extended family. Carmel Pops, the Local Music Showcase, the jazz nights, the doggie fashion show benefit, The Youth Guitar orchestras from Los Angeles and Germany, The "Dinner and a Show" night for our veterans and military, the Emergency Preparedness, Community Night and Summer Solstice events and of course Films in the Forest. Working with my friend and mentor Walt. The call from Cleve “Yvonne, your pirate ship has set sail” followed by uncontrollable laughter and a minute later, a text from Steven “you should get up here, your pirate ship is in the orchestra pit”. The things you learn…


        We started the Junior Advisory board a few years back…well, quite a few. High school students interested in the arts and/or nonprofit could join our board in an advisory position…sit in on board meetings, help out with any of the roles, get community service hours and a letter of recommendation. We have had 2 board members that started as junior advisors and moved on to executive board roles. Last year, our board president was accepted into UCLAs prestigious theater program and our vice president moved into that role. I am very proud to say that our current board president is my daughter, Laurel. She is attending MPC currently and teaches drama through MPUSD and SUSD. Now 20, she has been on stage since she was 5 and performing with the Forest Theater Guild since 2012. I know that the Guild is in good hands and that our current board, though young, has a very bright future ahead. I am excited to get back to my own business and will remain an advisor and mentor as needed and to assist with some of the new programs. 


     Keep your eyes open over the next few months as we unveil our new website with some wonderful new features. We will be hosting a family friendly fundraiser in August or September so watch for the announcement…it is going to be a lot of fun! Look for our new programs over the coming year…it’s going to be a fantastic year for the Guild!


     As always, thank you for your continued support of the Forest Theater Guild! I look forward to sitting in the audience with soon!



Yvonne Hildebrand-Bowen

Executive Director

Forest Theater Guild

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