Ride the Cyclone - June 16 - July 09, 2023

Forest Theater Guild

 Note from the Directors 

           The production run for “Ride the Cyclone” has been such an amazing experience for the both of us. We chose to make this production have many different directorial choices than what is typical for this show. Original scripted directorial notes mentioned projections throughout the show to present scenes and backstories mentioned by the characters, which is an amazing concept, but we chose to let our team take a different route. As replacement to the projections, we had the actors double up as the backstory characters mentioned, which added a whole new level of fun for the actors and us to explore. We liked the idea of this for the other purpose of representing Karnak controlling them in the afterlife. Adding another level of darkness to the show, we had the vision of Karnak’s control being more visible to the audience. Karnak, who serves as the narrator, manipulates  the whole story from the beginning. He not only sees the future, but controls the future.

        We took on a very group focused view when directing this production. Many other productions of this show focused specifically on the individual characters, and we wanted to really delve into the depths of the character dynamic. With being on such a large stage with such a small cast, we filled it with more choreography, more costumes, more props, and more people. We took the initiative to add an ensemble, by having two underworlds, and having those two underworlds be in almost every number and scene, which has never been done before for "Ride the Cyclone." With the amount of talent that came for auditions, there was no way we could turn them away.

       For a few of the cast members, it is their first production, which we applaud and are so grateful to share this experience with them. We have the honor to say that this is the Monterey County premiere of "Ride the Cyclone," as well as the largest cast version of "Ride the Cyclone" to date, and the largest stage it has been performed on.

      Thank you to all who have helped and guided us on this journey, and a huge thank you to Yvonne Hildebrand-Bowen for continually giving her all for the Forest Theater Guild and allowing us to try something new for the Summer production. So much love, sweat, and tears have gone into this production from the whole team, and we hope you enjoy it. 


Laurel Bowen and Hunter Hobson

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