Precious Metals: Beauty in Brokenness - July 23 - July 28, 2018

Good Light Productions


Precious Metals: Beauty in Brokenness has been in process since 2008.  In 2008, after serving as Department Chair of Fine & Performing Arts and teaching middle school theater at a small private school in Cincinnati, OH, Carolyn moved her entire family to New York City to begin a new season of professional development as an educational theatre practitioner. 


With her husband's deep listening and persistent prompting, Carolyn wrote and workshopped Precious Metals at the Alchemical Theater Writers Workshop and debutted it as a one-woman showcase at Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance in 2015.  This fully staged production is the culmination of 10 years of dreaming, writing, and planning the launch of this original play.  She would like to thank the following people for helping to birth Precious Metals: Beauty in Brokenness.


+Loretta Ann Ball for having the courage to give birth to me as an unwed teen in 1967;

+ Mary Lorraine Williams Ball for having the courage to leave domestic violence so I could live my dreams; 

+ Sonya Denyce at for helping me to dream out loud;

+ John & Gae Wagner for reminding me to create because time keeps moving;

+ Jim Kent & Dalienne Majors for 10 years of friendship, creative inspiration and reliable collaboration;

+ Sylvia at Momentum for urging me to LIVE at Level 4 everyday;

+ Jacob Smith for believing this show was possible all along

+ Mindy & Don Grohman for the opportunity to co-create 7 cycles of original works at First Presbyterian Church Gatlinburg Theater Arts & Music Festival;

+ Veda Brown for reminding me that I had a book in me;

+ Dr. Barbara Austin Lucas for inspiring me to "birth the book";

+ Suzie Silk at Hope Gathering for providing me an opportunity to "share my ugly baby" with an audience;

+  Caleb Giles, Demarcus Cruz, Jasper Marsalis for adding depth and beauty to the soundscape of Precious Metals;

+ Kristen Williams for generous graphic design expertise and a fabulous poster;

+ Kimberly Salley for seeing the vision and creating a bridge to Tabitha Matthews;

+ Tabitha Matthews for being a faithful "midwife" and trustworthy collaborator tenderly nurturing my "ugly baby" to life;

+ Feryal, Yendie, Nemesis, Stephania, Alexcina, Stephany, Alicia, and Stacy, each of you are remarkably precious metals; thanks for living generous lives and helping to create beauty from ashes;

+ Five Daughters friends who have celebrated, championed, cheered, comforted, and challenged me that I might have space to tell my ur myths: stories that must be told; my truth, our truth, that others might live fully and freely in good light.


~ Carolyn Harrison, Playwright

   Executive Producer

   Good Light Productions




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