Precious Metals: Beauty in Brokenness - July 23 - July 28, 2018

Good Light Productions

 End Notes 

Director’s Notes:



I was first introduced to Precious Metals, two years ago in it’s very rare and raw form.  Admittedly, I initially missed the beauty in it’s then fragile state. As I bore witness to it’s birth, I discovered that these 8 women/metals were strong yet fragile, bold yet meek, courageous yet afraid. Their stories began to leap off the page, permeate my soul and challenge my perceptions. How often have I misjudged? How often have I looked at something or someone and declared in my own biased opinion that this or she does not belong. Precious Metals challenged me to see that even from hard, distressed and dull places beauty is present. There is a God who sits high and looks low, gathering scattered broken pieces, that not only did He create, but intends to make beautiful in His time. Precious Metals encouraged me during a time when my own life’s purpose felt lost in translation and transition. It re-confirmed, that I was enough.


I am honored, humbled and overjoyed to share with you the diverse, complex and intriguing lives of these every day women that are often misjudged, misunderstood and forgotten. I invite you into this garden of precious metals. I hope that you will be moved by it’s rhythm and celebration, encouraged by it’s inevitable joy and challenged by the reality of the character's painful processes. My final hope is that you will discover for the first time or will be reminded of what it means to be captured by the love of the Almighty Creator and find freedom in the strength of His grace. And in the end, know that you are a precious metal… and you are enough.


In His Grip,

Tabitha Matthews

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