Bright Star - November 12 - November 16, 2020

Guyer High School Theatre

 Special Thanks 

Friends, it took a great deal of special effort, from a number of special and incredible people, to share this show with you tonight! (Or today if we are seeing you Saturday afternoon!!)  We would like to thank the following people for helping make this possible.


  • Dr. Shaun Perry, Principal of Guyer High School
  • The Administrative Team of Guyer High School
  • Dr. Jackie deMontmollin and Eddy Russell
  • Denton ISD for the tremendous support of the arts. 
  • Our amazing students for adapting to the "new" normal, embracing the challenges as they came, and working side by side with us to bring this show to life.
  • Our Booster Club - for so many things.  For springing into action to help us with supplies like we have never needed before - air purifyers, face masks, cleaning supplies, over 400 trash bags, social distancing supplies, and so much more!  For adapting to changes in the way we do almost everything. For finding ways to support the students despite the Covid imposed limitations - even when some of our cherished traditions have had to be put on hold!  For everything from finding ways to feed the kids, fundraising in outside the box ways - since standard fundraising does not apply this year. For learning a whole new way to run the front of house so that we can keep our patrons, volunteers, and students safe. For creating spirit wear, running errands, helping with costumes, finding props, donating items, organizing and finding volunteers, and welcoming new members.  We all know that we couldn't do this without you.  And we, as directors, want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us give this to these well-deserving kids.  We love you all!
  • Dustin Couch for always being there to support us and always having a camera ready.
  • And A GIANT thank you to Classic Cleaners in Lake Dallas/Corinth for their help in donating dry cleaning services for our costumes in order to keep our students healthy and safe!  Thanks for stepping up for our kids!
  • To all the businesses and individuals who supported us through the purchase of ads in this Playbill. We are eternally grateful and know what a sacrifice that giving is in today's times.
  • To our own parents.  Mom and Dad, you taught me to never give up.  To scrap and work and believe even if times are hard. You are the living examples of perserverance and sacrifice. Mom, you remind me of Alice Murphy and her indomitable spirit.  And you taught me what it means to love  home the way you love West Virginia.  Dad, you taught me the beauty and power of words. Thank you both for all you taught me, and for all you  have given me. 
  • To Mr. C - Honestly, you are literally a Bright Star to all of us.  The epitome of selflessness. The definition of passion. 





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