Bright Star - November 12 - November 16, 2020

Guyer High School Theatre

 A Note About This Production 


A Note from the Director:


We all know that life as we knew it before Covid 19 was different. And I know we hold out hope that things will "get back to normal." But starting in March, right before Spring Break, everything changed.  There were times when we weren't left with a lot of choices.  But we were glad when we got the choice to begin work on this musical.  Were things different? Sure!  We began work in very small groups, spaced 10' apart, with masks and face shields, and many times outside.  Did we literally roll an upright piano outside? Absolutely. At the time we started, we weren't even sure if we would have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience.  But we wanted to work - together.  So we did.  Even though we didn't know what the outcome would be.


It was a time of great healing.  A time when we took a moment to really appreciate the tremendous power of being together. We always appreciated one another; we never really just took things for granted, but this, this was different.  After meeting on Zoom for months, having Coffee With Crotwell play reading sessions, doing workshops virtually with guest artists, having virtual social events - there was this moment...when we actually got to be in the same room.  The first time everyone sang together was absolute magic. To quote the incredible lyrics of this show, I felt as if love had lifted a "veil of darkness." And we all learned to appreciate each other on a completely different level.  And we became deeply aware of the depth and beauty of our art form - and it's power to change, to heal, to bring light, and to nurture growth. 


We are thrilled to share with you tonight.  This musical is a labor of love, and it has been a gift to us, and we sincerely hope it will be a gift to you.  Actors cannot touch one another, but we hope that the work will transcend.  Actors must be spaced appropriately from one another, but we hope to close that gap with meaning. Costumes are pulled from stock, but they were lovingly chosen. Props are few and simple, but we hope to use them in creative and imaginative ways.  Art knows no limits, no boundaries. We chose to embrace our challenges, rather than give in to them.


Tonight you will see actors in masks, and then sometimes, when they are specifically distanced, we will get to see and hear them as they are in "real life."  We all long for the day when there will be no masks when we perform.  But until then, we must sing our songs in such a way that even masked, our hearts will shine through.


The Sun is Gonna Shine Again...The Sun is Gonna Shine...Again!

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