Bright Star - November 12 - November 16, 2020

Guyer High School Theatre

 For Our Seniors 

For Our Seniors:


Seniors, back in March when Covid became a thing, a big thing, you were the juniors. Much attention was paid to the Seniors, who were then graduating - and you did everything you could to make sure that their graduating year was special.  You helped surprise them with drive by celebrations, prepared special gifts for them, created a farewell video, and so much more.  You made sure that year's freshmen got the Thespian initiation they deserved - standing curbside at their homes and shouting the Thespian pledge.  You made sure to welcome the 8th graders to what would soon be their high school theatre department.  You were so busy - celebrating everyone else.  But today we celebrate you!  


You are preparing for virtual college auditions, dancing in masks, doing your senior musical in a way like no other.  (Two musicals, in fact!) The world is not as we knew it.  But you make it better.  My dream for you all is that you have the Senior year that you deserve.  And that you feel as special and celebrated as you made everyone else feel. When you were freshmen, no one could have known that your senior year would be like this. But you are making it the best it can be!  I love that Emily's idea for a theme for this year was "Make Every Moment Count." Because you do.  All of you.  And I want you to know that you count.  Sooooooooo much! You are standing in the face of all of this and making memories with each other, with us, in your art form, and with your fellow theatre artists.  You are growing as artists and learning from every moment of this.  


You could have given up. You didn't.  You could have lost your passion. You didn't.  You could have used this as an excuse and done less than your best. But you didn't!  And we are blessed to have you in our lives and in our department.


Seniors, we love you!  Your passion, your kindheartedness, your talent, and your joy are endless!  You make us proud to be your directors. I am so grateful that we have the rest of this year to make every moment count.  And I am truly grateful for every moment.  

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