The Little Mermaid - June 03 - June 10, 2022

HWDSB Programs of the Arts at Glendale

 End Notes 

"Glad to be back to normal" is a term that has been thrown around a lot now. With all we have been through the past two and a half years, what does that even mean anymore?  Everything has changed and we have definitely noticed it with the return to face to face instruction and face to face live arts events. If normal means in-person productions, this is our first in a while. Our online production of CATS last year, our recorded "Pandemic Concert of Hope" and this year's HFSS HeARTS Gala being streamed from Glendale showed our strong desire to perform and create. It was not the same though as there was still a 'disconnect'; there was no energy from being together as performers or from the audience to feed the art with their response and appreciation. Thankfully, our musical theatre class students who produced The Little Mermaid as their culminating task craved in-person instruction and so we were on our way back to "normal".


But there were some challenges along the way: auditions had to be done through recordings, initial choreography was done the same, orchestral parts and show equipment arrived months late as shlpping and business were still delayed due to Covid restrictions and back logs. Many of the students and all of the Creative Team struggled and fought with the effects of CoVid and we have just recently had a second round of illness go through the class as well. Being home alone for such a long time has made the interaction with over 80 vibrant (or indifferent) people with a variety of personalities and the associated noise in a room almost unbearable for all of us at some point. The stress and timelines that accompany all large scale multi-discipline projects like this has also been a huge challenge, especially for many of the students in the production for whom this is an absolute new endeavour. Not to mention all of our own personal challenges as well.


As you can see, this is somewhat normal and yet it is not. This year's production of The Little Mermaid coming out of the pandemic has had us use the resiliency most of us have gained through Covid as we search to re-learn group skills and gain new ones as well. As we start to come to the end of the journey, the Creative Team (Erin, Jenn, Lauren, Paul and Val), have just started to reflect not just on our own growth but also the incredible growth and resiliency that has been demonstrated by all the students in this production. Our first in-person production after this global event is even more impressive if we all think about what this diverse group of people have had to overcome to bring this to you. We are so grateful for all of the help that we have had (see the acknowledgements note) and for the opportunity to create with our students again. Our talent, resiliency, new skills and growth will make 2022-2023 and beyond in Glendale Arts even more amazing than ever. For now though, please sit back and enjoy the back to "normal" experience at HWDSB Programs of the Arts at Glendale.




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